Flower heads and sprigs - new designs!

Nov. 20, 2017

In another delivery we have received a new pattern of flower sprigs of orchids as well as flower sprigs of roses and flower heads of W374 lily satin in full color.

Lily satin W374

Wholesale: EUR 0.15 per pcs
Retail: EUR 0.21 per pcs
+ 23% VAT

Category: Lily heads

box (72 pcs)
In stock

Orchid L730

Wholesale: EUR 0.65 per pcs
Retail: EUR 0.90 per pcs
+ 23% VAT

Category: Orchid stems

pck (6 pcs)
In stock
Size: 79 cm

Rose G060

Wholesale: EUR 0.24 per pcs
Retail: EUR 0.33 per pcs
+ 23% VAT

Category: Rose stems

In stock
Item quantity: 3
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