Bouquets, flower sprigs and leaves

Oct. 9, 2017

Delivery of bouquets (camellias, orchids, roses), flower sprigs of orchids, roses, larkspurs and peonies as well as leaves (fern, hosta, anthurium), vine - garlands soon on sale.

Anthurium leaf A286

Camellia Q565

Cornflower x 7 Q154

Fern leaf A087

Fern leaf A454

Hosta leaf A097

Larkspur L132

Lily Q226

Orchid G262

Orchid Q147

Peony L711

Poppy x 6 Q155

Rose x 24 Q816

Rose x 3 L705

Rose x 4 L098

Rose/Freesia Q381

Vine - garland B099

Item quantity: 17
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