Bouquets, flower sprigs and leaves

Feb. 21, 2018

In the next delivery we will receive: bouquets among others roses, orchids, carnations, calla, peonies as well as flower sprigs (orchids, daisies, sword lilies satin, magnolias), garlands and leaves (dieffenbachia, palm).

Calla x 7 QA020

Carnation QA010

Daisy G069

Daisy G084

Dieffenbachia leaf A042

Garland B014

Magnolia x 3 L706

Orchid G262

Orchid G064

Orchid QA061

Palm leaf A591

Peony QA057

Peony/Dahlia/Hydrangea QA055

Rose Q379

Rose bud x 15 Q919

Rose in bud x 18 Q968

Rose in bud x 21 QA015

Rose x 17 QA016

Rose/Calla/Orchid Q236

Rose/Lily QA024

Item quantity: 21
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