Bouquets and more

May 2, 2018

We cordially invite you to familiarize with the upcoming delivery, in which we will receive: bouquets, among others roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, flower twigs (orchids, carnations, magnolias, lilies) as well as leaves (hosta, anthurium, philo) and decorative twigs.

Anthurium leaf A286

Carnation x 5 L178

Chrysantemum x 18 Q221

Chrysantemum x 18 Q231

Chrysantemum x 18 Q820

Chrysantemum x 18 Q823

Chrysantemum x 18 Q828

Chrysantemum x 9 Q219

Chrysantemum x 9 Q228

Chrysantemum/Fern x 9 Q821

Chrysanthemum x 13 Q918

Chrysanthemum/Eucalyptus/Dracaena x 18 Q222

Decorative twig A616

Gerbera/Lily Q686

Hosta leaf A097

Lily x 24 Q923

Lily x 3 L707

Magnolia G280

Orchid G262

Orchid x 6 L180

Item quantity: 25
Items per page:
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