Flower heads, stems and more!

Oct. 22, 2018

We invite you to familiarize with the upcoming delivery, in which we will receive: flower heads (daisies, dahlias, gerbera, roses, magnolias, clematis), flower sprigs (cornflowers, poppies, daisies, freesia, roses), azalea and primula bouquets as well as stems (chrysanthemums, carnations, peonies, magnolias, poinsettias) and hydrangea bouquets bases.

Azalea x 7 Q313

Carnation stem N008

Carnation stem N082

Chrysanthemum stem N097

Clematis W572

Cornflower G347

Dahlia W531

Dahlia satin W537

Daisy W296

Freesia G348

Gerbera W298

Hydrangea bouquet base x 5 N042

Lilac QA023

Magnolia W327

Magnolia stem N107

Mini rose W303

Peony stem N108

Poinsettia stem N105S

Poppy/Cornflower/Daisy G358

Primula x 12 Q980

Item quantity: 21
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