Christmas coniferous sprigs and more!

Oct. 29, 2018

In the upcoming delivery, we expect to receive coniferous Christmas sprigs, snowy, on a short or long peak. Besides, the delivery includes: bilberries, asparagus, holly on the peak, frosts, eucalypti, grasses, dracaena, hoja leaves as well as calla sprigs.

Asparagus A362

Bilberry A020

Bilberry A047

Bilberry A049

Bilberry A052

Bilberry A077

Blooming asparagus A361

Boxwood candle ring 3" U003E

Calla G169

Decorative twig, frosty S442

Dracaena A381

Eucalyptus A061

Flowering bilberry A021

Frosts A613

Frosty cedar S255

Frosty twig S257

Grass A364

Holly S096

Hoya leaf A384

Pine twig S312

Item quantity: 24
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