All Saints' Day Products

Holiday decorations

A wide range of chrysanthemum flowers in the form of flower heads, bouquets, and artificial flowers. Chrysanthemum flowers are often used to create funeral posies and other compositions traditionally placed on graves on All Saints' Day. Full product range available seasonally — flowers in rich colours, various sizes, and made of various materials.

Angel "Hope" PL002

Size: 14 cm

Category: Aniołki

Stock: Low inventory

Wholesale: EUR 2.21 per pcs
Retail: EUR 3.35 per pcs
+ 23% VAT
Packing: box (2 pcs)

Angel PL007

Size: 27 cm

Category: Aniołki

Stock: In stock

Wholesale: EUR 17.04 per pcs
Retail: EUR 25.82 per pcs
+ 23% VAT
Packing: piece