Bouquets, sprigs and flower heads of daffodils

Feb. 19, 2018

We expect delivery of leaves (dracaena, diffenbachia, philo, fern), bouquets of daffodils and carnations, flower heads (irises, daffodils and peonies), flower sprigs of daffodils.

Carnation x 12 Q213

Daffodil G129

Daffodil W011

Daffodil W369

Daffodil W370

Daffodil W478

Daffodil x 12 Q436

Daffodil x 7 Q329

Daffodil x 7 Q753

Daffodil x 9 Q752

Dieffenbachia leaf A249

Dieffenbachia leaf A252

Dracaena leaf A175

Fern A411

Iris W339

Peony W318

Philo leaf A255

Zebra leaf A257

Item quantity: 18
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