Decorative twigs and more

March 21, 2018

In the next delivery, we expect to receive decorative twigs, among others blilberries, heathers, decorative garlic flowers, hollies, grasses, asparagus, mint as well as decorative twigs with glitter and boxwood balls.

Asparagus A350

Asparagus A352

Asparagus x 7 A607

Bilberry A282

Bilberry A283

Bilberry U243E

Bilberry U244E

Bilberry A422K

Bilberry U245E

Bilberry A595

Bilberry U069E

Boxwood A600

Boxwood A601

Boxwood ball Z026

Boxwood ball Z069

Boxwood ball Z079

Decorative grass A280K

Decorative grass A214

Decorative grass A214K

Decorative twig A294

Item quantity: 50
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