Leaves, bouquets, flower heads

Feb. 25, 2019

In the upcoming delivery, we expect a leaves selection: dracaena, dieffenbachia, philo, fern, etc. In addition, we will receive bouquets of daffodils, tulips, carnations and azaleas, as well as flower heads of daffodil, peony and gerbera.

Azalea x 7 Q894

Carnation x 12 Q213

Chrysanthemum bouquet base x 9 N100

Daffodil G129

Daffodil W011

Daffodil x 12 Q436

Daffodil x 7 Q329

Dieffenbachia leaf A249

Dieffenbachia leaf A252

Dracaena leaf A175

Fern A411

Garlic A079

Gerbera W183A

Maple leaf A370

Orchid stem N093

Peony W318

Philo leaf A255

Silk philo leaf A281

Tulip x 6 Q060

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