Artificial leaves and twigs

An offer of high quality artificial leaves and decorative twigs. They will work as independent interior decorations, as well as additions to the compositions.

Orchid stem A680L

Wholesale: EUR 0.15 per pcs
Retail: EUR 0.23 per pcs
+ 23% VAT

Orchid stem x 3 A679L

Wholesale: EUR 0.40 per pcs
Retail: EUR 0.60 per pcs
+ 23% VAT

Philodendron leaf A625L

Size: 1.08 m

Category: Single leaves

In stock
Wholesale: EUR 4.11 per pcs
Retail: EUR 6.21 per pcs
+ 23% VAT

Rosemary A639L

Wholesale: EUR 1.58 per pcs
Retail: EUR 2.38 per pcs
+ 23% VAT

Satin banana leaf A072

Size: 96 cm

Category: Single leaves

Low inventory
Wholesale: EUR 0.58 per pcs
Retail: EUR 0.88 per pcs
+ 23% VAT

Satin strelitzia leaf A039

Wholesale: EUR 0.79 per pcs
Retail: EUR 1.20 per pcs
+ 23% VAT

Strelitzia leaf A624L

Wholesale: EUR 1.32 per pcs
Retail: EUR 1.99 per pcs
+ 23% VAT