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Autumn products

Wreaths and Rings

An extensive selection of flowers and plants in autumn colours, including flowers stems, bouquets, leaves, and tree boughs. Flowers and accessories perfect for creating beautiful autumn compositions, decorations, and trees with autumn leaves.

Autumn wreath with pumpkins 30 cm UA049

Size: 30 cm

Category: Dried Plants Wreaths

Stock: In stock

Retail price € 15.54 per pcs
Wholesale price € 7.77 per pcs

Packing: box (2 pcs)

Spruce wreath 51 UA028BS

Size: 51 cm

Category: Christmas Wreaths

Stock: Low inventory

Retail price € 12.05 per pcs
Wholesale price € 6.02 per pcs

Packing: piece

Boxwood wreath 45 cm UA006B

Size: 45 cm

Category: Wreaths and balls

Stock: In stock

Retail price € 13.16 per pcs
Wholesale price € 6.58 per pcs

Packing: piece

Big winter wreath J043

Size: 42 cm

Category: Green bases

Stock: In stock

Retail price € 14.07 per pcs
Wholesale price € 7.03 per pcs

Packing: piece

Spruce wreath 61 cm UA028CS

Size: 61 cm

Category: Christmas Wreaths

Stock: In stock

Retail price € 18.78 per pcs
Wholesale price € 9.39 per pcs

Packing: piece