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Natural and artificial decorative moss

Natural reindeer moss, also known as reindeer lichen and deer moss, is a perfect choice for lining your flowerpots. The variants available come in different shades of brown and green.

Artificial moss 15 cm MR623

Size: 15 cm

Category: Plant panels and mats

Stock: In stock

Old price: € 3.27 per pcs
Retail price € 2.67 per pcs
Wholesale price € 1.34 per pcs

Packing: piece

Reindeer moss A437

Weight: 299.99 g

Category: Decorative moss

Stock: In stock

Old price: € 21.80 per pck
Retail price € 21.41 per pck
Wholesale price € 10.70 per pck

Packing: package

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