Discount policy

Discount on a single purchase

Discount on a single purchase are granted of all purchases made in the showroom or the online store. The level of discount depends on the value of executed order calculated by the gross wholesale price.

When ordering online store discount is calculated automatically.

LevelOrder totalGroup AGroup B
Level 11,700 zł3%1%
Level 23,500 zł5%2%
Level 37,000 zł10%5%
Level 412,000 zł15%7%

The discount amount for each order item depends on the discount threshold and the discount group the given article belongs to. Information on which discount group the given article belongs to are provided in the article sheet on the Discounts tab.

Fixed discount in Discount Program

A fixed discount can benefit Customers, who have an active account on our website or active discount card for Customers buyers in the showroom.

With each purchase in the showroom or at our online stores, to the discount card linked to the Customer account, discount points are added. Points arising from the realized cart are included in the pool of active points.

Points for every purchase are valid 12 months. The level of fixed discount depends on the number of active points and is calculated according to the table below.

LevelPoints totalGroup AGroup B
Level 129003%1%
Level 269005%2%
Level 31440010%5%
Level 42880015%7%

The discount for each order item depends on the level of discount and discount group, to which a given article belongs to. Information about the discount group and the point value of the articles are published on the website of each article in the Discounts tab.

Discount for personal pick up

For orders with a value from PLN 7000 gross, which are collected personally, we offer an additional 2% discount. Offer applies only for domestic orders paid in advance or cash on delivery.

Other information

  • Discounts are calculated exclusively for wholesale orders.
  • The costs of services, including the cost of shipments, not subject to discounts.
  • In case of return of goods number of points on the discount card will be adjusted.

Discount codes

Several times a year, there are special offers, for which we will send you special discount codes. Codes for our regular customers are sent via e-mail newsletters or text messages. Each code has an expiry date and can be used only once.

Please enter the received code in the appropriate field below the shopping cart. If the discount resulting from our discount policy exceeds the amount the discount code entitles you to, the code will not be used. You may then use it for subsequent purchases.