Chrysanthemum XXL W001


Net wholesale:
EUR 0.81
per pcs
Gross wholesale:
EUR 1.00
per pcs
Retail gross price:
EUR 1.67
per pcs

Min sale unit: package (12 pcs)

When do retail and wholesale prices apply?

Package (12 pcs)
Net wholesale:
EUR 9.75
per pck
Gross wholesale:
EUR 12.00
per pck
Carton (288 pcs)
Net wholesale:
EUR 234.12
per crt
Gross wholesale:
EUR 287.96
per crt

Units of measure used in our store

Discount group:
Discount points:
per pcs
Without discount
Gross wholesale:
EUR 0.9999
per pcs
With discount
Level 1
EUR 0.9699
per pcs
Level 2
EUR 0.9499
per pcs
Level 3
EUR 0.8999
per pcs
Level 4
EUR 0.8499
per pcs
Level 5
EUR 0.7999
per pcs

Our store discount policy
Discount Program

Delivery group:
Courier shipment:
from EUR 4.62 gross
Postal shipment:
according to the price list
Return shipping cost:
according to the price list
Completion time:
within 1 - 2 working days

Delivery methods and costs

Product description

Well-crafted, large head of chrysanthemum with a diameter of 20cm.  Available in a wide range of colours. Ideal for gravestone decorations.

  • Diameter: 19 cm
Product colors
Pure White W001-01
Cream W001-02
Cream W001-03
Autumn Cream W001-04
Yellow W001-06
Orange W001-10
Lilac W001-11
Lt. Yellow/Mauve W001-15
Burgundy W001-18
Product photos
Photo gallery for Pure White W001-01
Photo gallery for Cream W001-02
Photo gallery for Cream W001-03
Photo gallery for Burgundy W001-18
Size photo of Chrysanthemum XXL

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