Banana stick bleached Y049

Dried exotic plants

Net wholesale:
EUR 1.66
per pcs
Gross wholesale:
EUR 2.04
per pcs
Retail gross price:
EUR 3.40
per pcs

Min sale unit: package (2 pcs)

When do retail and wholesale prices apply?

Package (2 pcs)
Net wholesale:
EUR 3.32
per pck
Gross wholesale:
EUR 4.08
per pck
Carton (60 pcs)
Net wholesale:
EUR 99.59
per crt
Gross wholesale:
EUR 122.50
per crt

Units of measure used in our store

Discount group:
Discount points:
per pcs
Without discount
Gross wholesale:
EUR 2.0417
per pcs
With discount
Level 1
EUR 1.9804
per pcs
Level 2
EUR 1.9396
per pcs
Level 3
EUR 1.8375
per pcs
Level 4
EUR 1.7354
per pcs
Level 5
EUR 1.6333
per pcs

Our store discount policy
Discount Program

Delivery group:
Courier shipment:
from EUR 4.50 gross
Postal shipment:
according to the price list
Return shipping cost:
according to the price list
Completion time:
within 1 - 2 working days

Delivery methods and costs

Product description

Can be used as a supplement to the reeds, bouquets, wreaths, garlands and other compositions and decoration

  • Min length: 40 cm
  • Max length: 80 cm
  • In the package 2 pcs. - can be different in length
  • Warning! Product of natural origin, manual coloured, the colour may slightly differ from the visible on the photo.
Product photos
Size photo of Banana stick bleached

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