Floral tape 1.3 cm/30 yd P411


Net wholesale:
EUR 1.08
per pcs
Gross wholesale:
EUR 1.33
per pcs
Retail gross price:
EUR 2.22
per pcs

Min sale unit: package (2 pcs)

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Package (2 pcs)
Net wholesale:
EUR 2.17
per pck
Gross wholesale:
EUR 2.66
per pck
Box (12 pcs)
Net wholesale:
EUR 12.99
per box
Gross wholesale:
EUR 15.98
per box

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Without discount
Gross wholesale:
EUR 1.3318
per pcs
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EUR 1.2919
per pcs
Level 2
EUR 1.2653
per pcs
Level 3
EUR 1.1986
per pcs
Level 4
EUR 1.1321
per pcs
Level 5
EUR 1.0654
per pcs

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Courier shipment:
from EUR 4.50 gross
Postal shipment:
according to the price list
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according to the price list
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within 1 - 2 working days

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Product description

Floral tape has a wide range of purposes in floristry. It is used for masking wires, stems and structures in flower compositions. At the same time, it helps to maintain the shape of the composition by preventing the scattering of flowers.

  • Length: 27.4 m
  • Width: 1.3 cm
  • Soft, flexible and thin, and through is easy-to-use
Product colors
Green P411-01
White P411-02
Product photos
Photo gallery for Green P411-01
Photo gallery for White P411-02
Size photo of Floral tape 1.3 cm/30 yd

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