Croton leaf x 3 A160

Single leaves

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EUR 0.14
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EUR 0.18
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EUR 0.30
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Package (48 pcs)
Net wholesale:
EUR 6.94
per pck
Gross wholesale:
EUR 8.54
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Carton (1440 pcs)
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EUR 208.22
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EUR 256.12
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Without discount
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EUR 0.1779
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Level 1
EUR 0.1726
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Level 2
EUR 0.1690
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Level 3
EUR 0.1600
per pcs
Level 4
EUR 0.1512
per pcs
Level 5
EUR 0.1423
per pcs

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Courier shipment:
from EUR 4.62 gross
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according to the price list
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according to the price list
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within 1 - 2 working days

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Green A160-02
Product description

The next leaf in our collection is the croton A160, over 40 cm long, it features three leaves on a single stem. The soft green colour is a great background for multicoloured flower heads or twigs used to create an interesting composition.

  • Length: 44 cm
  • Stem length: 30 cm
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Size photo of Croton leaf x 3

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