Great, green news

Sept. 17, 2021

Classic bestsellers are always a good choice, but why not to try something new for a change?
We proudly present our new arrivals: long-awaited real touch flowers and plants!
Rubberized fern, myrtle or single short twigs of eucalyptus are just perfect for tombstone decorations or as a great addition to a wicker wreath, whereas while long eucalyptus, phytonia and cotinus branches will just look terrific in a vase.
Just turn your space into a cozy and chic place with all these flowers!
Cheerful bouquets of ferns can obviously be cut down and used as individual elements in floral arrangements, but they can also be admired as houseplants that retain the beautiful look in all seasons and in any conditions!

Sorry, but the delivery you are looking for is no longer available. We encourage you to check our recent deliveries.