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Plastic and bead Christmas chains

Shiny Christmas-tree chains, made of plastic or beads, available in many colours! Plastic chains are manufactured from a strong German-made film with a density of 6 ply, which means that 6 m of the film are used to make 1 m of the chain. The chains are available in various sizes.

Christmas tree garland 10 cm/5 m S090

Size: 5 m

Category: Christmas tree chains

Stock: In stock

Old price: € 7.38 per pcs
Retail price € 6.33 per pcs
Wholesale price € 3.16 per pcs

Packing: piece

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Christmas tree garland 7 cm/5 m S084

Size: 5 m

Category: Christmas tree chains

Stock: Low inventory

Old price: € 4.16 per pcs
Retail price € 3.54 per pcs
Wholesale price € 1.77 per pcs

Packing: package (2 pcs)