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Rattan and natural and tinted wicker

Natural rattan – tinted, bleached, and in natural colour. Available in the form of strips, discs, balls, and grids, rattan can perfectly complement compositions or serve as a base for decorations suitable for various occasions. Wicker is natural, young willow stems. It is used to create wreaths, baskets, and even furniture.

Flat rattan R045

Size: 100 cm

Category: Rattan

Stock: In stock

Retail price € 4.44 per pck
Wholesale price € 2.22 per pck

Packing: package

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Wicker heart 20 cm Y441

Size: 19 cm

Category: Rattan

Stock: Low inventory

Old price: € 2.75 per pcs
Retail price € 2.21 per pcs
Wholesale price € 1.10 per pcs

Packing: package (4 pcs)

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