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Artificial flowers for HORECA

Author: Katarzyna Piekarska, Nov. 8, 2021

Why artificial flowers are so popular among HORECA companies?

Last time, we wrote about flowers in restaurants, but artificial plants are also a great solution for the entire HORECA industry.

In the era of the covid-19 pandemic, the only hope for the food catering industry during difficult lockdown periods is to set up open-air gardens, patios and terraces. To maintain a cosy atmosphere, it is worth providing appropriate decorative elements for tables.

Artificial flowers always look fresh and beautiful. They do not require pruning or watering, and they do not have to be changed very often. In addition, they do not cause allergies. Artificial plants are also a better investment than fresh flowers because they can serve their purpose for a much longer period. To refresh the look of your tables, just put another flower arrangement on the table and keep the previous one in a dryand dark place.

We offer a wide range of products. You can create arrangemnets that will match any style. Medium-sized arrangements for vases will be perfect fo tables. To ensure that the open-air terrace matches the interior design of the restaurant, hotel, bar or other facilities, it is also worth choosing larger compositions that can be put in vases or flower boxes or on the walls, counters, bars or tables.

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