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Artificial flowers in the office - sink or soar?

Nov. 19, 2021

Desks, computers, rows of chairs, printers, lamps - these are the attributes of any office. Few people associate the office with an oasis of greenery. A raw interior design of the office with no plants is a huge mistake. Many studies have already confirmed that plants in the office can have a very positive effect on employees. Not only do they make them feel better, but they also have an extremely positive impact on the quality of their work. In today's article, we explain why it is such an excellent idea to keep artificial flowers in the office.

Artificial flowers that look like real ones

A lot of people believe artificial flowers to be poor, ragged stumps that look very unsightly and trashy. There was a lot of truth in such statements several years ago. Today, artificial flowers look really good - in some cases, you may even have trouble recognising whether a given plant is artificial or real.

Thanks to new, innovative production technologies and the development of materials, the plastic from which artificial flowers are produced very well imitates the structure of real plants. As a result, a lot of people choose artificial flowers instead of real ones. Slight differences in appearance can only be observed by touching them or by close observation.

Advantages of artificial plants in the office

Artificial flowers are often criticised by lovers of natural plants. Of course, compared to them, synthetic plants do not purify the air or absorb radiation emitted by electronic devices. Some people still believe that artificial plants are a sign of kitsch and bad taste. However, nowadays, artificial flowers can look really elegant in the office. What are their advantages?

Artificial flowers are a perfect solution if your employees suffer from allergies. Allergenic fungi that develop in pots makes it impossible for you to enjoy beautiful, natural ornamental plants. There are no such contraindications as far as artificial flowers are concerned. As a result, they are a truly perfect solution for people who cannot commune with real flowers due to allergies.

Another big problem with real plants can be the lack of time. Natural plants need to be taken care of all the time to grow properly. Instead of performing his/her standard duties, one employee would have to care for flowers, which would be a waste of time. To avoid confusion and unnecessary additional duties for employees, it is worth choosing artificial plants.

Disinfecting the room? With artificial flowers this is not a problem anymore!

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, disinfection of entire rooms and individual workstations has become a daily ritual. Under such circumstances, natural vegetation does not have very good conditions for growth and it is very likely that it will wither. That is why it pays to invest in artificial flowers - they are not afraid of disinfection with the use of chemical, caustic agents.

How to choose artificial flowers for office?

At present, the variety of artificial flowers is really remarkable. In various shops we can find a diversity of different designs that were not available a few years ago. How to choose artificial plants for office? It all depends on the type of atmosphere you want to create. No matter what plants you choose, they are sure to look impressive and aesthetically pleasing.

Artificial plants in the office - why are they a worthwhile investment? Scientific findings say it all!

Artificial flowers as decoration in the office is really a very good idea. Plenty of scientific research confirms that plants benefit workers. For example, they can reduce stress. Green colour soothes nerves, cools emotions, and improves overall well-being. Researchers at the University of Technology in Sydney conducted a study that found that bringing artificial plants into the office made half of the employees feel better, one in three employees reported feeling less stress, and 40% were less likely to respond aggressively to difficult situations. Employees who are surrounded with artificial vegetation in the office are less likely to go on sick leave. Harvard researchers estimated that the number of sick leaves in places with vegetation was 10% less compared to those where there were no plants at all.

Shades of green also improve productivity. Exeter researchers point out that employees who perform their duties surrounded with floral arrangements are 15% more productive. Plans (also artificial ones) improve concentration with their green colour. Artificial flowers can also contribute to improving the relationships between the employees and the employer. Office greenery is an extremely important part of a strategy called employer branding, which involves creating a friendly environment for employees and listening to their needs and expectations.

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